Storm Water Services of Still Waters Engineering

Still Waters Engineering is experienced in providing Civil/Environmental Engineering services for streets and stormwater conveyance systems.  Our capabilities include design of the following infrastructure:

  • Paving of Existing Unpaved Roadways
  • New Roadways
  • Resurfacing of Existing Streets
  • Widening or Rehabilitation of Existing Streets
  • Curb & Gutter
  • Open Ditches
  • Stormwater Piping
  • Culverts

At Still Waters we are capable of guiding your project through all phases of a project's life cycle.  We assist communities in identifying infrastructure deficiencies and developing master plans for rehabilitation or replacement of existing infrastructure as well as expansion of infrastructure into new service areas.  In addition to engineering design services, we are capable of providing all necessary permitting in connection with your street and/or stormwater project.  We also assist our clients throughout the bidding and construction phases of our projects to ensure your project can be completed on time and under budget. 

Still Waters believes that the thing that sets us apart from many other engineering firms is our ability to help clients identify all available sources of funding for a project so that the client can select the most advantageous method of funding a project based on their unique fiscal circumstances.  Still Waters' staff is familiar with funding projects through various programs  including:

  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
  • Georgia Environmental Finance Authority Programs
  • OneGeorgia Authority
  • Employment Incentive Program (EIP)
  • US Economic Development Administration (EDA)
  • Stormwater Utility Implementation

Whether you are looking for someone to simply assist with obtaining bids for a resurfacing project or need an engineer to design a new roadway with complete stormwater conveyance system, Still Waters Engineering can assist you with any need you may have for your drinking water system.