About Us

Still Waters Consulting Engineering was founded in September 2015.  The principals of Still Waters were previously employed by a large civil/environmental engineering consulting firm for almost 15 years.

Still Waters Consulting Engineering offers a full range of civil engineering services.  Still Waters focus is on providing engineering design, planning, and construction administration for municipal clients primarily in areas of water and wastewater.  However, we possess a broad range of skills and experience and are capable of providing services for a variety of projects.

We believe two things set us apart from our competitors.  First, our experience in obtaining funding for clients is unequaled.  Our familiarity with available funding sources and matching those sources to applicable projects is second to no other engineering firm in the state.  

Second, we seek to build the trust of our clients to serve as a valued adviser over the long term rather than as a typical project engineer that may be focused on maximizing profit on a single engagement.  We know that if we can build that trust with a client we can assist in identifying the client’s needs and we can be a much more effective tool for the client by matching a client’s needs with potential funding opportunities.